Our goal has always been to produce gourmet artisan cookies, cakes, and breads.  Gluten-free was just a given, not to be considered a qualifier in describing our products.

We love to hear, "that's a great brownie" (and we do hear it all the time!), rather than, "that's a great brownie, for gluten-free".

Our recipe for success starts with a uniquely qualified baking team that helped develop our recipes;
Culinary Institute of America trained bread & pastry bakers and chefs.  The formulations they've developed use premium, natural ingredients. We bake all of our products in our own dedicated, certified gluten-free facility.


Using premium ingredients, we bake gourmet cookies, cakes, and breads that we're proud to put up against any gourmet wheat flour based baked goods in appearance, texture, and taste. We do not use any preservatives and our flour blends are made with whole grains.


All of our products are baked, by our baking team, in our own dedicated, certified gluten-free facility. In addition, our operations have been certified to the SQF level 2 standard, one of the recognized schemes of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


When Jeff Robbins first learned that his youngest daughter had Celiac disease several years ago, the longtime consumer market researcher quickly became frustrated when taste-testing the products available for a gluten-free diet. To his dismay, he discovered that many of the gluten-free food options on the market were lacking in both taste and quality.  

Refusing to simply give up and accept the lack-luster choices available, Jeff explored the competitive landscape and approached his longtime friend Peter Mykrantz, whose 10 years experience in the hospitality business and 20 years owning and operating wholesale and distribution businesses, complimented his own expertise.

Together, they decided that in order to make a real difference in gluten-free baking, they needed a baking team with deep professional expertise and experience to develop their product line.  With the addition of a Culinary Institute of America trained baking team, Get Fresh Bakehouse was started and has been developing and selling award winning, critically acclaimed products since mid-2011. 


Restaurants, cafes, hotels, universities, schools, caterers and health care facilities serve our breads, rolls, muffins, sweets & granola Join them!

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